Link Utilities

Use the link utilities if you need to alter links from their default primary brand color and serve dark or light variations instead.

These are generally used on dark backgrounds.

Class Name Responsive Classes Description
u-linkLight none Light gray colored link.
u-linkLighter none Lighter gray colored link.
u-linkLightest none Lightest gray colored link.
u-linkDark none Dark gray colored link.
u-linkDarker none Darker gray colored link.
u-linkDarkest none Darkest gray colored link.
<a class="u-linkLight" href="#">Hello world</a>
<a class="u-linkLighter" href="#">Hello world</a>
<a class="u-linkLightest" href="#">Hello world</a>
<a class="u-linkDark" href="#">Hello world</a>
<a class="u-linkDarker" href="#">Hello world</a>
<a class="u-linkDarkest" href="#">Hello world</a>